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Chest X Ray Electronic Cigarettes Before and After Smoking Health harmful

Electronic cigarettes, also commonly called e-cigarettes are designed to look and feel like traditional cigarettes to smokers. Meant for those trying to quit smoking, they do not contain tobacco. The users however inhale a nicotine vapor that is free or carcinogens and created artificially in the battery of the devices. Another of the benefits of this is that the risks of harmful effects for second-hand smokers are completely eliminated, according to efoxcigs. Since the nicotine is inhaled directly into the person, it is more effective than nicotine a gum and patch since it acts faster. Moreover, as they vary in strengths, the user can gradually lower the nicotine concentration while quitting their smoking habit.

e cigs

The company efoxcigs is one of the companies that offer electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit. They are disposable cigarettes that emit a vapor that is safe for you and others around you. You will feel like you are smoking a real cigarette but you will not have to worry about inhaling the toxic chemicals that are contained within them. These are so safe that you can smoke them in bars or restaurants after a meal without having to step outside. You will not have a smoke smell in your hair or clothing and users usually quit their habit altogether after using these after a few weeks. There are many different flavors that you can buy.

E-liquid is a component of every e-cigarette and is the part that contains the nicotine and propylene glycol both approved by the FDA for human consumption. These two are heated by the atomizer or cartomizer to give you the vapor that you so much enjoy. The e-liquid comes in plain flavor of the tobacco cigarettes or in flavors such as menthol, apple, cherry and vanilla among others. The fluid is also at times referred to as the e-juice in the posts by users in our forum threads at http://efoxcigs.com/. Check our pages for reviews in the rss feed left by other users as you try find the flavor for your e-cigarettes starter kits.

Beyond advantages like health benefits and avoiding the smell associated with traditional smoking, the consumers can also be unique with the various accessories available for e-cigarettes . Accessories for the cigs include double barrel cartomizer adapters in chrome, long or short cone replacements in silver and black. You can buy colorful cartomizers and even deluxe starter kits for your e-cigarette . At http://efoxcigs.com/ we have handsome pre-filled cartilages and exquisite carrying cases for your e-cig as well as portal chargers and car USB chargers. You can find the reviews on posts of the products from other consumers on our blog, rss feed or on the forum threads and save yourself some USD on our e-cigs brand.
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